Basic Septic Tank Care

The Basics of Septic Tank Care – Minimize Your Maintenance Costs

Septic tank care is important for reducing how often you need to do expensive septic tank repairs. Septic tank systems don’t have any electric components or moving mechanical parts. That said, there are still things that you can do to make the system operate efficiently. There are microbes in your septic tank that naturally decompose…

This is an image of a septic dye test identifying a leak.

Septic Dye Testing FAQs – How Your Septic Tank is Tested

What is a Septic Dye Test? A septic dye test is a process that uses a special dye to make sure that you septic system can handle its workload. When your septic tank contractor performs the test, he (or she!) can find out if you have any leaks or potential problems with your septic system….