The Basics of Septic Tank Care – Minimize Your Maintenance Costs

Septic tank care is important for reducing how often you need to do expensive septic tank repairs. Septic tank systems don’t have any electric components or moving mechanical parts. That said, there are still things that you can do to make the system operate efficiently.

Basic Septic Tank Care

There are microbes in your septic tank that naturally decompose organic materials. The broken down material and water drain out of the septic tank’s leach field on their own. This is how a septic tank functions.

Some solids cannot drain out of the septic tank-which is normal-but it does need septic tank care to prevent problems. Every 3 years or so, you will need to pump your septic tank. The cost of septic tank pumping varies based on a few factors, especially size.

Maximize Your Septic Tank Care

The best way to maximize your septic tank care is to be careful about what you put down your drains. Here are a few pieces of advice:

  1. Choose your toilet paper brands carefully. Make sure that it will break down easily in the water.
  2. Do not flush any thing that does not break down well—or at all—in septic tanks such as baby wipes, cat litter, or feminine hygiene products.
  3. Use your water efficiently. Consider investing in energy and water efficient appliances. Septic tank care is easier when your tank isn’t stressed with heavy use from inefficient water use.
  4. Never park your car over your septic tank or plant trees and other plants too close to it. The weight from your car and the roots of your plants could damage your septic tank.

These are just the basics of your septic tank care. Make sure that you check back on our site here to keep up with more money saving tips. If there are any that I missed please share yours in the comments!

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